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Series of 1966A Red Seal $100 Bills - Values and Pricing

Series of 1966A $100 bills are slightly rarer than the series of 1966 one hundred dollar red seals.  1966A $100 notes have red serial numbers that begin and end with the letter A.  There were no star notes issued for the series of 1966A one hundred dollar bill.

A lightly circulated 1966A $100 bill is worth around $125.  Bills that have teller stamps, tears, stains, rust, etc. will have very little to no collector value.  Uncirculated 1966A $100 bills will of course be worth a lot more than $125.

There were a total of 512,000 1966A $100 red seals printed.

1966A one hundred dollar bills were signed by Dorothy Andrews Elston and David M. Kennedy. 

The following inscriptions can be found on all 1966A $100 bills:  United States Note  -  United States Of America  -  This Note Is Legal Tender For All Debts, Public and Private  -  One Hundred Dollars  -  Washington D.C.  -  The Department of the Treasury 1789  -  Treasurer of the United States  -  Secretary of the Treasury  -  Franklin  -  Independence Hall  -  In God We Trust

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