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Series of 1928 Red Seal Five Dollar Bills - Values and Pricing

Series of 1928 red seal five dollar bills are very common in circulated grades.  They are typically worth about $7 in circulated condition.  With that said, some 1928 five dollar legal tender notes can be worth much more if they are in perfect condition.  Perfect condition means brand new, never been folded. 

When analyzing 1928 red writing five dollar bills you need to look and see what series the bill is.  The series can be 1928, 1928A, 1928B, 1928C, 1928D, 1928E, or 1928F.  All red seal fives are equally common in circulated grades.  However, high grade notes have different values, as do star notes.  If there is a series letter, it will be found as seen on the pictures below:

Keep in mind that 1928 five dollar red seals say 1928, but they were printed for many years past just 1928.  1928Fs were printed as late as the early 1950s.  Some 1928 five dollar bills have different phrasings.  However, all 1928 fives have a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.  All bills have a red seal on the left hand side of the bill.  They also have red inked writing used for the serial numbers.

As with any United States currency issue, having a fancy serial number, having a misprint, or being a star note can drastically increase the value.  We have fancy serial number and misprint guides in the main navigation.  You can find everything you need to know about 1928 five dollar red seal star notes here.

We are absolutely interested in purchasing any 1928 red writing five dollar bills that are uncirculated, have a fancy serial number, misprint, or have a star symbol at the beginning of the serial number.  admin@oldcurrencyvalues.com.  We do not purchase the common circulated 1928 red seal fives.  For more exact pricing click on your specific note below.

1928 Regular Red Seal Five Dollar Bill

1928A Red Seal Five Dollar Bill

1928B Red Seal Five Dollar Bill


1928C Red Seal Five Dollar Bill


1928D Red Seal Five Dollar Bill


1928E Red Seal Five Dollar Bill


1928F Red Seal Five Dollar Bill